Winona State University students to get tablets this fall

iPad mini

This just in:

Winona State University will be the first public university in the Midwest to offer a tablet and a laptop to all students starting in fall 2013.

WSU’s Digital Life and Learning Program will provide all new Winona State students, and students due for their two-year laptop exchange, an iPad mini or Android-based tablet along with their Mac or PC laptop. The mobile tablet device will be provided with no increase in current technology costs.

Following this schedule, all full-time Winona-campus students will have both tablets and laptops by fall 2014. WSU-Rochester students will have the opportunity to participate in the program, but it is not required.

Tablets boast many advantages. The devices are compact and lightweight with a long battery life. They run thousands of apps and adapt to different learning styles and lifestyles. Tablets promote collaboration and data sharing, spark hands-on interaction and exploration, and enhance media consumption. Tablets are also eco-friendly, requiring the use of less paper and providing an alternative to traditional print textbooks.

You can get more information here.