Why luxury housing is growing around the University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota architecture student Alex Johnson tells the Star Tribune why he loves living in a two-bedroom, two-bath corner unit at the high-end Stadium Village Flats:

“I just turned 20 years old a couple of days ago and live in a place with granite countertops, quality furniture and a view like none other. I have to say that the reason I’ve grown to expect apartments to be so luxurious is because that’s all I’ve really ever known. … Once you live in one of these properties, it’s hard to get out and learn to expect less. … I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I can’t tell if these over-the-top luxurious units are creating monsters out of students or rather if they are instilling a drive in them to work hard so that one day when they get out of college they can own a place like these units rather than rent them.”

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