PSEO? College transfer? Public? Private? A simple breakdown of what you’d pay in tuition

This comes out of a recent report by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a pretty clear breakdown of how much students pay in tuition during a four-year Minnesota education, depending on what kind of campus they go to and when.

The chart indicates that the cost of earning college credit while in high school PSEO) and then going to a MnSCU university is 11 percent of the cost of going to a private institution for all four years. That considers tuition only, though, and doesn’t appear take into account things such as financial aid, transportation, room and board, etc.

Either way, the difference in cost between the cheapest and most expensive paths seems breathtaking.

I’m not sure whether “private college” includes for-profits, not-for-profits or both, but I’ve got a call in.

(Update: A MnSCU official has told me it indicates not-for-profit schools.)

  • FC

    The chart is interesting, but I think misleading given the financial aid landscape of college. A student at a private college that meets the full need of its students may pay less than a student going to the U of MN or even a MNSCU school.

  • Briana E

    FC, my thoughts exactly. This is misleading and over-generalized. Nearly all students at our private college receive aid awards (not including loans) far below the posted cost of tuition and many find their actual cost of attendance to be comparable or better than that of the public counterpart.

  • afriedrich

    A fair point, and one I hinted at up top. There are probably so many factors that it would be tough to condense them all into one comprehensive chart. Still, this is a start. I wonder whether the MPCC has anything like this — something that takes financial aid into account.

  • Briana E

    Thanks for the follow up postings, Alex. This is a great topic to address.