Notes in the Margins: Women, blogging and higher-ed spending

Women underrepresented at academic conferences Study suggests women more likely than men to turn down invitations to speak. (Times Higher Education)

US again tops list of higher-ed spenders The US has reclaimed its position as the biggest spender on higher education, as rising fees pushed it clear in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s annual figures. (Times Higher Education)

Blogging is a valuable supplement to scholarship and rightfully challenges the status quo Blogging is now recognised as a valuable part of the wider ecology of scholarship – not as a substitute of, but a supplement to professional activities. (Impact of Social Sciences)

Korean Institute Tops List of Younger Universities East Asian institutions, particularly those focusing on technology, do well in ranking of universities that are under 50 years old. (The New York Times)

Tuition increases lower than usual at universities nationwide Despite years of consistent raises, some universities are experiencing lower tuition increases than years past. (USA Today)