Notes in the Margins: Motherhood, unpaid internships and Generation Dropout

NYU Faculty Say Executive Perks Such As Second-Home Loans Are Part Of Troubling Pattern Jim Uleman, a psychology professor and chair of the faculty senators from the College of Arts and Science, called the perks “fairly outrageous.” (The Huffington Post)

Generation Dropout: Millennials Joining the Workforce Are Less Educated Than Retiring Boomers The U.S. is the only developed nation where the newest wave of employees is less educated than their parents. (The Atlantic)

A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench Many blacks and Latinos say they can trace the success they have achieved in their careers to the guidance they received in Catholic schools. (The New York Times)

The Second-Biggest Myth About Unpaid Internships: They’re Just for the Rich If anything, poor and middle class students are extra likely to get stuck in unpaid gigs. (The Atlantic)

Bad Female Academic: Motherhood I still remember the stark difference between the reactions to my pregnancy at the regional state university campus where I taught and the small, highly-competitive liberal arts college where I coached swimming. At the liberal arts college, female students and faculty would visibly recoil upon seeing me, while at the state school, most girls would ask me my due date and if they could touch my belly. (College Ready Writing)