Notes in the Margins: Islam, Republicans and transfer rules

Campuses bridge gap between Islam and homosexuality Religious affiliation, particularly among younger demographics, may be becoming less of a determining factor in stances on homosexuality. (USA Today)

Professors take lessons from online teaching Researchers mine a trove of data from courses offered free on Web. (The Boston Globe via NAICU)

College Coaches Use Transfer Rules to Limit Athletes’ Options The use of transfer rules to eliminate many of an athlete’s preferred options illustrates the big-business mind-set of college sports and the control that coaches have over players. (The New York Times)

Study: Even for Drop-Outs, College Pays A new study argues that the investment in even a partial college education is still worth it, amounting to average earnings of $100,000 more over a lifetime than for those who merely finish high school. That’s a better investment return on average than stocks and bonds — though of course much lower than the return on college for those who finish. (Associated Press via NAICU)

Once Strident, College Republicans Now Seek Moderate Tone For the GOP While the pimples remain, the fervor has begun to turn to self-reflection. (Time via University Business)