Notes in the Margins: Evaluations, unpaid internships and how Coursera jumped the shark

Coursera Jumps the Shark It’s all over. Coursera did a weird strategy about-face by announcing that, rather than competing with public colleges, it’s going to start competing with Blackboard instead. (Higher Education Strategy Associates)

Academy of Arts and Sciences Defends Its Leader’s Honesty The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has defended its president, Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, who is accused of falsely claiming to have earned a doctorate. (The New York Times)

E. Gordon Gee to Retire From Ohio State Presidency E. Gordon Gee is known for his outspokenness, which has landed him in trouble at times. But controversy over a remark about Notre Dame has not abated. (The New York Times)

In defense of unpaid internships What’s the difference between learning at an internship site versus learning on a college campus? (USA Today)

How college students incorrectly evaluate their instructors In a comparison of two lecturers — one a fluent speaker, the other not — students rated the fluent lecturer as more effective. They also believed they had learned more from the fluent lecturer. But when it came time to take the test, the two groups did equally well. (The Washington Post)