Notes in the Margins: Energy consumption, study abroad and the hot new M.B.A.

Are Students Who Go Far Away to College More Likely to Study Abroad? The correlation between going far away for college and studying abroad in more challenging countries has not been studied closely, experts say, but more general indications of comfort level often prove determinative. (The New York Times)

‘Old time’ video teaches tricky commencement custom The years of classes are over, the dissertations are approved and the diplomas are ready. Now don’t mess up while placing a colorful “doctoral” hood around your students’ necks during graduation ceremonies. (Los Angeles Times)

Universities paid to reduce their energy consumption Getting paid for being energy conscious? Universities rake in close to $100,000. (USA Today)

The Hot New M.B.A.: Supply-Chain Management Sensing growing demand for supply-chain expertise, more than a half-dozen universities have recently introduced undergraduate majors and M.B.A. concentrations dedicated to procurement and inventory management. (The Wall Street Journal)

Harvard seeks to boost student interest in the humanities Amid declining enrollment in the humanities in favor of more career-oriented paths, Harvard University is seeking to rekindle interest in literature, philosophy, and the classics, a broad effort that will focus on first-year students. Faculty have called for “gateway courses” to draw students into the field, including a full-year survey course designed for freshmen and sophomores, and for a “collective reboot” of teaching in the humanities. (The Boston Globe via NAICU)