Notes in the Margins: China, coaches and law school applications

Trade Schools Offer Hope for Rural Migrants in China While newly minted university graduates face a tight job market, skilled vocational school graduates are in high demand. (The New York Times)

How are we doing higher education internationalisation?  When we talk about measuring the value of internationalisation, whose internationalisation are we talking about? (University World News)

NCAA coaching evolution: More meaning, less screaming? Sports psychologist Caroline Silby, 47, says that coaches must spend more time teaching and less time screaming. She says that today’s athletes are looking for a more meaningful experience. (USA Today)

What Rolling Admission Means for Law School Hopefuls Your undergraduate alma mater may have had firm application deadlines, but most law schools don’t. (U.S. News & World Report)

Law school applications continue to slide The number of people applying to U.S. law schools dropped nationwide for the third year in a row, prompting some law schools to slash the size of their entering classes. (The Washington Post via NAICU)