Notes in the Margins: Canada, Muslim colleges and the right for-profit incentives

The Rutgers athletic director, a school’s core values and our national crisis of morality The university’s latest hire has led to more public criticism from donors, politicians and the media. (The Washington Post)

Filling India’s Huge Need for Vocational Training Millions of young people are seeking hands-on instruction in market-friendly skills. Private academies offering short, practical courses are filling the gap left by formal colleges and universities. (The New York Times)

To Get Value From For-Profit Colleges, Create the Right Incentives  The more rigorous the Department of Education is in its expectations, the more successful it will be in creating a for-profit sector that does transform lives and provide real opportunities that benefit students and society. (The Huffington Post via NAICU)

The Americans are not coming. Should Canada’s universities care? Betting that cost is the main barrier, the University of Windsor is creating a “U.S. neighbour fee” that will charge undergraduates from the United States $10,000 per year – up to $10,000 less than what international students currently pay. (The Globe and Mail via University World News)

Muslim college carves niche in USA Until Zaytuna opened its doors three years ago, American Muslims who wanted to study and grow in their faith mostly had to look overseas for a college education. (USA Today via University Business)