A graph of the recent history of state funding to the UMN

appropriations graph

I’m a sucker for trend graphics, and my ears perked up when University of Minnesota President Kaler used the word “frayed” while presenting this one at the Board of Regents meeting last week:.

Here’s what he said:

“Here is a picture of the 16-year-long roller coaster ride of state investment in the university — bumpy journey that begins on this chart at the start of the 21st century. This is a track of the state appropriation by year. The journey saw the state disinvest in us in seven of those years. And as you can see, this year’s state investment is the first appropriations increase in six years.

As we have discussed before, our approach to the legislature and the governor was different from years past: We told them what we’re going to do with their investment. Fundamentally, we sought to renew the historic partnership between our university and the state — a partnership that has become frayed over the past decade. I’m proud that together we took a giant step in strengthening that relationship.”