Regents pass two-year freeze for in-state undergrads

U of M

Tuition for in-state undergraduates at the University of Minnesota will stay flat in the fall, after regents Friday passed a budget that includes the first tuition freeze in a generation.

Regents praised the two-year freeze, which University President Eric Kaler won funding for from the legislature.

But a few regents, including, expressed concern over the rising tuition for graduate and professional students. Most are expected to pay 3 percent more next year. First year in-state law students will see a 9 percent increase.

“This is wonderful for undergraduates, but it doesn’t address some of the issues at the professional, graduate level,” McMillan said.

“You’ve got a grossly oversupplied marketplace, and we need to maintain rankings, but I do not support the strategy we’re embarked upon now, and I’m going to keep my eye on that over time,” said McMillan, an alumnus of the University of Minnesota law school.

McMillan said he still supports the budget.

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