When the Minnesota higher-education conference committee meets today


Got this announcement over the weekend (bold italics are mine).

The conference committee will meet to hash out differences between the House and Senate higher-education bills and synthesize them into one piece of legislation, which must then be voted on.

If the various documents listed below, I tend to find the language summary most helpful for those new to the legislation.

Monday, May 13, 2013 – 30 Minutes after the last body adjourns

Conference Committee on S.F. 1236
Chairs: Sen. Terri E. Bonoff and Rep. Gene Pelowski Jr.
CONFEREES: SENATE: Bonoff; Miller; Eken; Clausen; Pappas – HOUSE: Pelowski Jr.; Winkler; Rosenthal; Dorholt; Nornes
30 Minutes after the last body adjourns
Room 318 Capitol

Walk through of spreadsheets and side-by-sides for the Higher Education omnibus bills.

S.F. 1236-Bonoff: Omnibus higher education appropriations bill.

Higher Education – Side by Side – Summary of Language (PDF)