Notes in the Margins: Pranks, remedial classes and presidential pay

University Presidents Are Prospering, Study Finds According to the annual pay report by The Chronicle of Higher Education, four public university presidents had compensation packages topping $1 million. (The New York Times)

Students ordered to prank campus newspaper for grades A media lecturer at an Australian university is making news for an odd, seemingly unethical project he recently assigned his students. (USA Today)

Five hysterical commencement speeches Every year commencement speakers drone on and on, usually boring the daylights out of their audience. As the 2013 commencement season gets underway, here are some of the funnier addresses that have withstood the test of time. (The Washington Post)

Pell grants shouldn’t pay for remedial college classes A huge proportion of this $40 billion annual federal investment is flowing to people who simply aren’t prepared to do college-level work. And this is perverting higher education’s mission, suppressing completion rates and warping the country’s K-12 system. (The Miami Herald via University Business)

New College Lenders Step Up Credit unions are offering more private student loans, creating new choices for borrowers grappling with high college costs. (The Wall Street Journal)