Notes in the Margins: Marriage, female drinking and the college-preparation gap

Obama drawing attention to new student loan debate The government’s subsidized student loan program, a marquee issue for President Barack Obama last year as he courted young voters on the campaign trail, is back on the White House agenda one month before a scheduled interest rate increase. But Obama’s push to avoid the increase is far more low-key than it was in the election year. (The Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

College Slots for Poorer Students Still Limited Because of the high cost, some colleges do a lot more than others to find and enroll low-income students, which opponents of race-based affirmative action see as a way to encourage diversity. (The New York Times)

The college ‘preparation gap’ in a single graphic While a vast majority of high school teachers believe their students are ready for college work, most postsecondary teachers don’t, as shown in the following graphic from the report called “ACT National Curriculum Survey® 2012: Policy Implications on Preparing for Higher Standards.” (The Washington Post)

College women exceed alcohol limits more than men Researchers in a recent study found that women were about 50 percent more likely than men to exceed the daily and weekly limits set by the National Institutes of Alcoholic Abuse and Alcoholism. (The Boston Globe via University Business)

Will you marry me (and my student loan debt)? Many young couples are dealing with delicate conversations about debt, such as student loans, credit cards or other debt — or financial experts say they should be having those discussions this wedding season. (USA Today via NAICU)