Notes in the Margins: Hacking, retirees and sexual speech

Retired and Back in School for the Degree, Not Just the Fun Some people who have retired from their jobs go for advanced degrees, either for a new career or for the thrill of learning for themselves. (The New York Times)

In wake of hackings, colleges tighten cybersecurity After instances of Internet security breaches in academic and corporate settings some colleges and universities are looking to tighten cyber security and stop hackers. (USA Today)

High school students face up to college cost reality, saving more and making trade-offs A new survey of high school students across the country showed a strong uptick in college savings habits and a willingness to make the tradeoffs necessary to attain higher education. (University Business)

From Lolita to Louis CK, Feds Ban Sex Speech on Campus Under a new federal mandate, any speech of a sexual nature that somebody finds unwelcome is sexual harassment. (The Huffington Post)

Georgia Tech Will Offer a Master’s Degree Online Starting in the fall, the Georgia Institute of Technology, together with AT&T and Udacity, an online education venture, will offer a master’s degree in computer science that can be earned entirely through so-called massive open online courses, or MOOCs. (The New York Times)