Notes in the Margins: Diversity, Japanese and disabled students

In California, Diversity in College Starts Earlier States that have outlawed affirmative action in college admissions, like California, are giving potential applicants a leg up for overcoming disadvantages. (The New York Times)

Scholarships to Encourage More Japanese to Study Overseas A program aims to increase the number of students doing short-term courses as part of a broader attempt to make the country more competitive internationally. (The New York Times)

Berkeley accelerating access to course materials for disabled students As part of a settlement with Disability Rights Advocates, UC Berkeley will provide disabled students with more timely access to printed materials in alternative formats such as Braille, large print and audio. (Los Angeles Times)

Almost Half Of Recent Grads Regret Choosing Their School Or Major A new survey finds that raduates are raising serious questions about how effectively some colleges function as a bridge between high school and the workplace. (Business Insider via University Business)

NCAA had record $71 million surplus in fiscal 2012 The surplus, an all-time best for the organization, increased its year-end net assets to more than $566 million, roughly double where they stood at the conclusion of the 2006 fiscal year. (USA Today)