Notes in the Margins: Disgraced profs, tuition caps and the assessment of emotions

Sequester Leads to Creative Stopgap Measures The federal budget cuts known as sequestration are being felt across the country, with some programs coping, some struggling and others closing their doors. (The New York Times)

The Whole Truth About Student Debt in 17 Charts College graduates are supposed to be our bright spot, but runaway college costs are preventing them from participating in the economy. (The Atlantic via NAICU)

In Disgrace, Yet in Demand as College TeachersWhile colleges have always courted accomplished public figures, a leap to the front of the class has now become a natural move for those who have suffered career flameouts. (The New York Times)

Universities, lawmakers consider capping tuition prices Lawmakers across the U.S. are considering imposing a 0% increase on tuition sticker prices, forcing institutions and sometimes the legislatures to reconsider their budgets for higher education. (USA Today)

Business Schools Assess Applicants’ Emotions B-school admissions officers are increasingly trying to assess applicants’ EQ—or emotional intelligence quotient—to decide which would-be M.B.A. students could be tomorrow’s business stars. (The Wall Street Journal)