Notes in the Margins: Crowdfunding, empty classrooms and debt for veterans

Master’s degree programs surge at nation’s colleges and universities The nation’s colleges and universities are churning out master’s degrees in sharply rising numbers, responding to a surge in demand for advanced credentials from young professionals who want to stand out in the workforce and earn more money. (The Washington Post)

Foreign Students Seek Internships in China Students are keenly aware of the importance of work experience in a competitive job market. Some are even paying companies for the chance to work for free in China. (The New York Times)

Universities explore crowdfunding to raise money Crowdfunding has the potential to become a trend among universities in coming months. (USA Today)

Service Members Battle Student Loan Debt at Home Many military members are guided into bad repayment decisions by loan servicers. (U.S. News & World Report)

UGA, other universities, show low classroom utilization rate  A two-year study by the University System of Georgia shows classrooms are empty during most of the week. (Athens Banner-Herald via University Business)