Notes in the Margins: Commencement fights, attention spans and winning coaches

Legitimacy and usefulness of academic blogging will shape how intellectualism develops Academic blogging has become an increasingly popular form, but key questions still remain over whether blog posts should feature more prominently in formal academic discourse. (LSE / Impact of Social Sciences)

Pay Dispute Heats Up at N.Y.U.’s Florence Campus The American Association of University Professors, the largest organization of U.S. academics, stepped into the fray between New York University and its faculty in Italy. (The New York Times)

High-Paid, Winning College Football Coaches Are Worth Every Million Nothing sells a school like a successful team. (The Philly Post via NAICU)

The 21st century skill students most lack If we are concerned that students today are too quick to allow their attention to be yanked to the brightest object (or to willfully redirect it once their very low threshold of boredom is surpassed), we need to consider ways that we can bring home to them the potential reward of sustained attention. (The Washington Post)

The Commencement Controversy Commencement season has arrived, and with it a perennial debate over free speech on campus. So far this year, students on at least 10 campuses have protested speakers invited to commencement events. (The New York Times)