Will St. Thomas build a doghouse-shaped hall after Charles M. Schulz?


Finally — a facilities construction article that’s fun.

Here’s an April Fool’s piece on the Opus Magnum blog of the University of St. Thomas. It’s about plans to build Schulz Hall after the Peanuts cartoonist. (Across the street from the existing Schulze Hall, of course.)

Get this:

Architects are working on plans for the building’s design, to match the shape of Snoopy’s iconic doghouse, but built with UST’s traditional Kasota limestone. The new building will be built over the surface parking lot next to the historic MacPhail building.

The space will be used to host events and will include the fully-equipped Schroeder Ballroom, complete with miniature baby grand. An underground athletic field will provide coaching services to youth football players. Student advising and counseling services, will be provided at a charge of 5₵ in the Lucy van Pelt Center.


Read the full “story” — complete with map — here.