What Dayton and Franken said about student debt


“When I was an aide to then-Sen. Walter Mondale in 1975-1976, education was one of my areas of responsibility. And back then federal student financial aid was one-third grants, one-third loans and one-third college work-study. Now it’s 2 percent college work-study, 18 percent grants for the poorest student and 80 percent loans; which means for most students and their families it’s loans, loans and more loans.”

— Gov. Mark Dayton at a roundtable discussion with U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) this morning at Saint Paul College.

MPR reporter Mark Zdechlik was there. In his report, Dayton says Minnesota needs to do a lot of catching up after not updating state student-aid programs in more than a decade. Franken said he’s pushing for clear, standarized financial-aid letters to help students better understand competing financial aid offers.

Read Zdechlik’s story here.