Should the University of Minnesota hook up with Mayo?

Mayo-Gonda Bldg

Louis Johnston, chair of the Department of Economics at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University writes in MinnPost what the U should do now that Fairview merger talks have ended:

The first step is to separate the University of Minnesota’s Health Sciences from Fairview. This will allow Fairview to pursue any mergers or combinations that improve its ability to provide high-quality medical care to Minnesotans without the thorny issue of who controls the University’s medical center.

The second step is to foster closer ties between the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic. My specific proposal is that the State of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic enter into an agreement in which the state will finance infrastructure on the scale that Mayo requires in order carry out its $5 billion Rochester expansion. In return, Mayo and the University will do the following:

  • The medical schools at the University of Minnesota and Mayo will merge and become a single institution with campuses in Minneapolis and Rochester.

  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities health sciences programs will merge with those at University of Minnesota-Rochester. The latter are already collaborative programs with Mayo, and thus the merged program can leverage these connections.

  • University of Minnesota Hospitals and Physicians will join with the Mayo Clinic Health System to create a network of clinics both within Minnesota and in other states.

You can read his commentary here.