Senate Dream Act vote could come Wednesday

To get an update on where the Minnesota “Dream Act” stands, I’ve been talking with some of its backers.

It looks like a floor vote on the Senate bill — which stands alone — is tentatively scheduled for May 1 (tomorrow).

The House has no companion bill, and the omnibus higher-education bill doesn’t contain it. (Chairman Gene Pelowski told me he sees the issue as a federal one.)

That has left backers hoping that the Senate version passes on the floor, and that the legislation then survives in conference committee.

I’ll stay on it.

  • Winona Resident

    Rep. Gene Pelowski’s poor leadership in the issue is not worth quoting. He keeps making excuses yet has no facts. Maybe his 30 years of teaching government has kept him in another decade and doesn’t really understand what is going on. Time for him to go. His anti-immigrant rhetoric is sickening and has no place at the people’s capitol.