The Minnesota House passed a higher education bill that drew bipartisan praise for its tough-minded approach to tuition and administrative spending. The bill, which passed 86-44, would prohibit MnSCU and the U from using state appropriations for executive bonuses. And the systems would have to report more closely what they spend on administration. Higher-education committee Read more

Admissions 101: Why smart, poor students are dumb Selective colleges get plenty of applications from the top-scoring children of affluent parents, including many in this region. What the colleges need, their admissions officers say, are more high-achieving, low-income applicants. Places such as Georgetown and Duke don’t like being called country clubs for the rich. They want Read more

It’s Day 2 of the Macalester College student sit-in of the lobby of President Brian Rosenberg’s office — protesting the college’s refusal to cut ties with Wells Fargo Bank over its house-foreclosure record. I contacted student Alexander Bartiromo again, who told me by email: We did indeed stay overnight, and it was honestly very relaxed. Read more