Notes in the Margins: Record stores, student chefs and Parent College

Famed New York College Will No Longer Be Free Cooper Union in New York City will begin charging undergraduate tuition for the first time in a century, the school’s Board of Trustees announced Tuesday. (The Huffington Post)

Help on the road to higher education Parent College gives fathers and mothers an introduction to campus life so they can help their teenagers gain admission. (Los Angeles Times)

Student Chefs Protest Standards at Culinary Institute of America About 90 students at the Culinary Institute of America walked out of classes Tuesday to protest what they called a weakening enforcement of educational standards. (The New York Times)

Record stores see growth in college towns Your mom and dad’s record collection may be way hipper than you think. (USA Today)

The debate between students’ & parents’ rights Yhe interplay between the rights of the student and the “perceived rights” of the student’s parents or legal guardians often generates confusion for administrators and educators in higher education. (Buffalo Law Journal via University Business)