Interactive graphic: What’s the financial return of Minnesota colleges?


I recently stumbled across this Wall Street Journal interactive graphic that attempts to show the return on investment (ROI) that various colleges give their students.

It factors in cost, debt, graduation rates, average starting salaries and so forth.

I typed in a number of Minnesota schools, including a state university, the University of Minnesota and some of its “aspirational peers.”

Then, just for kicks, I put in Harvard.

(This link should take you to the graphic, and you can play with it yourself. Add a school name in the search box to add to the mix. You can also delete schools.)

The school with the top financial return was the University of California – Berkeley, with 11.1 percent. The school with the lowest was Hamline University, with 0.5 percent.

Now this is the Journal’s work, and I can’t vouch for the methodology or conclusions. But it’s worth a look.

Students can get a better picture by typing in their financial aid offers.

Here’s a look at the spread of schools, but you’ll have to go to the source to find out which circle is which school.