What Rep. Gene Pelowski thinks of the Tubby Smith buyout

State Rep. Gene Pelowski (DFL-Winona), chairman of the House higher education committee, tells the Rochester Post-Bulletin he thinks the $2.5 million buyout of University of Minnesota basketball coach Tubby Smith is ‘obscene’:

“I don’t think the university has grasped the public reaction to all of this, that it hurts the university not just as an athletic endeavor, it hurts its reputation period. … Can we look into it? We can. We are very limited to what we can do about it. I would hope that the university would take it on its own responsibility to clean its House and refocus those resources into something much more productive

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  • Benny

    When will folks get it in their heads that athletic monies are not state allocated monies. I would be willing to bet there isn’t one dime of state funds in the “buy-out.” Athletic funds come from sponsorships, media income (game broadcast revenues), etc. Athletics is obscene – yes! But the two pots of $$ are different and they don’t flow back-and-forth. Game broadcast revenues don’t flow over to lower tuition rates and vice versa. Honest to Pete you’d think our legislators would know this crap by now!