Notes in the Margins: Rape, condoms and radiology

Trainees in Radiology and Other Specialties See Dream Jobs Disappearing Recent radiology graduates with huge medical school debts are having trouble finding work, let alone the $400,000 jobs that beckoned as they signed on for years of low-paid labor as trainees. (The New York Times)

Boston College Says Students Giving Away Condoms In ‘Safe Sites’ May Be Punished University officials sent a letter on March 15 demanding an end to student-run Safe Sites, a network of dorm rooms and other locations where free contraceptives and safe-sex information are available. The university says the distribution of condoms is a violation of the school’s Roman Catholic values. (The Huffington Post)

The Miserable Odds of a Poor Student Graduating From College (in 2 Graphs) The truth is that compared to their richer classmates, low-income students have only a faint hope of ever graduating from college if they even get there. (The Atlantic)

Is the Internet Sending Higher Education the Way of the Newspaper Industry? An MIT professor rethinks his university’s embrace of online education. (Boston magazine)

Campus Rape — ‘It Happens Every Day’ A Colorado bill, which would allow women to carry concealed weapons on college campuses in order to prevent sexual assaults from occurring, has created quite a stir. “When was the last time you heard about rape on a college campus?” one journalist asked. As a female college student, I can say with certainty: every single day. (The Huffington Post)