Notes in the Margins: Japanese, Advanced Placement and college pitches

Colleges’ Latest Offer: Deals More liberal-arts colleges are supplementing their traditional glossy brochures with more pecuniary pitches: Buy seven semesters, get one free. Apply today, get $2,500 cash back. (The Wall Street Journal)

AP good for high school, bad for college? I complained recently that college professors too often wrongly dismiss high school teachers as being unsuited to teach college-level classes such as the Advanced Placement courses so popular in the Washington region. Two scholars from distinguished universities gently chided me for being too hard on their academic colleagues. They might be right. (The Washington Post)

Education: More Young Japanese Heading Abroad to Study The trend of the declining number of Japanese studying overseas is reversing, experts say. Female students tend to show the most interest, and Canada has emerged as a new popular destination. (The New York Times)

Dining programs set students up for healthy choices Better dining options on some campuses are helping students develop healthy eating habits. (USA Today)

New Medical School Programs Help Students Battle Burnout Wellness and social programs are aimed at helping med students achieve work-life balance. (U.S. News & World Report)