Notes in the Margins: MOOCs, volunteers and grade inflation

What MOOCs Will, Won’t, and Might Do Many faculty members have been more focused on research instead of teaching in the past. Open education classes are changing that. Because of MOOCs and Princeton’s upcoming participation in Coursera, Princeton faculty who used to brush off discussions geared toward improving their teaching are now eager to have such discussions. (Edudemic)

A Canadian Campus Focused on Tech and Enterprise The University of Waterloo, a world-class engineering school in Canada, is a feeder campus for big-name global tech companies like BlackBerry, a neighbor and Waterloo offshoot. (The New York Times)

Peace Corps releases ranking of colleges that produce the most volunteers For the past decade, the Peace Corps has released an annual ranking of the top large, medium and small schools that graduate students who then serve overseas for a little more than two years. (The Washington Post)

Group creates ‘Fair Common App’ for undocumented students Student immigrant-rights activists have created an alternative to the Common Application to help make the college admissions process fair for undocumented students. (USA Today)

Notre Dame seeks to combat grade inflation Notre Dame seeks to have students’ GPA accurately reflect the work they’ve done. (USA Today)