Notes in the Margins: Guns, free tuition and the arts

A Degree Drawn in Red Ink Most people assume a degree in the arts is no guarantee of riches. Now there is evidence that such graduates also rack up the most student-loan debt. (The Wall Street Journal)

UC Irvine professor stops teaching online course in dispute A UC Irvine professor has stopped teaching midway through a massive online course in microeconomics offered through the Coursera organization, saying he had disagreements on how to conduct the free class for thousands of students around the world. (Los Angeles Times)

Gun Advocates Push for More Access on Campus Though weapons are banned from most public universities, pro-gun forces have made gains on the issue in a handful of states, most recently Colorado. (The New York Times)

Cooper Union’s Tradition of Free Tuition May Be Near End The prestigious college in New York is known for charging its students nothing, but financial problems may have made that practice unaffordable. (The New York Times)

Reading for pleasure poor indicator of student passivity Students have so much going on that there aren’t enough hours in the day to read — but they wish there were. (USA Today)