Notes in the Margins: Walmart, grad rates and Chinese office jobs

Fairness For Struggling Students Act Would Reform Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Rules Three U.S. Senators have unveiled legislation to reverse a 2005 change in bankruptcy laws that makes it nearly impossible to have private student loan debt discharged. (The Huffington Post)

The Education Revolution: As Graduates Rise in China, Office Jobs Fail to Keep Up Millions of Chinese graduate from college every year, but they struggle to find jobs in an economy that is still dominated by blue-collar industries. (The New York Times)

Stagnant College Graduation Rate Is Focus of 2 New Reports One report called for more flexibility for nontraditional students, suggesting services like midnight class meetings, online courses and easier credit transfers. (The New York Times)

Made-in-USA comeback could take awhile to catch students College students may forgo buying American in favor of saving hard-earned cash. (USA Today)

Walmart Opens Locations On College Campuses At Georgia Tech, University Of Arkansas Large, generally liberal cities on the east coast have opposed opening Walmarts for a multitude of reasons. Among them, studies showing a decline in local businesses after Walmarts move in, and labor disputes over lack of competitive pay and benefits. (The Huffington Post)