Notes in the Margins: Textbooks, pedestrian fees and making more money

Donated Land Is Battlefield Johns Hopkins’s Big Development Plan Wasn’t Intent of Land Gift, Says Family (The Wall Street Journal)

Buying textbooks on Amazon could get more expensive Would you still buy textbooks on Amazon if you had to pay sales tax? (USA Today)

Worcester State University Charges Students Pedestrian Fee Fees have become a popular way for public colleges to make up for state appropriation declines. (The Huffington Post)

More college freshmen view diploma as gateway to better job Nearly 75% of first-year students in the U.S. say making more money was a key reason for pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a UCLA survey finds. (Los Angeles Times)

College yearbooks retain relevance in print Unlike some journalism outlets, there are few signs that the traditional yearbook will become a strictly digital presence. (USA Today)