Notes in the Margins: Gays, the DREAM Act and law schools' third year

Maryland Dream Act loophole raising cost of tuition for some students in Montgomery County Undocumented Montgomery County high school students who haven’t yet graduated but want to take college courses at Montgomery College to get ahead will have to pay roughly triple the rate their peers do. (The Washington Post)

Georgia-Backed Scholarships Benefit Schools Barring Gays An increasingly popular tax credit program includes more than 100 religious-based institutions that prohibit gay, lesbian or bisexual students to attend. (The New York Times)

Gaps Persist Despite Rising High School Graduation Rates The nation’s graduation rate climbed to 78 percent, but is lower among minority groups. (U.S. News & World Report)

Catholic U. starts a business school — without MBAs Catholic University announced this month the creation of an unusual business school in which every course touches on morality and ethics.Interestingly, none of the business degrees offered at the D.C. university will include the traditional staple of business schools: a master’s in business administration. (The Washington Post)

Make Law Schools Earn a Third Year A proposal would amend the rules of the New York State Court of Appeals to allow students to take the state bar exam after two years of law school instead of the three now required. Law schools would no doubt continue to provide a third year of legal instruction — and most should (more on that in a bit) — but students would have the option to forgo that third year, save the high cost of tuition and, ideally, find a job right away that puts their legal training to work. (The New York Times)