Notes in the Margins: Esteem, e-books and Generation LGBTQIA

U.S. College Students Feel Super Special About Themselves: American students have increasingly given themselves “above average” ratings on several attributes but bragged most regarding their “drive to achieve.” Almost four-fifths of survey responders say they’re above average in this category. (The Huffington Post)

Guns On College Campuses Divides Americans’ Opinion In New Poll A HuffPost/YouGov survey shows Americans are split evenly at 43 percent for and against when asked whether people with proper permits should be allowed to carry concealed guns on college campuses. The other 14 percent said they were unsure. (The Huffington Post)

College students prefer print; e-books yet to rack up big sales at college bookstores E-books represent only a tiny percentage of course material sales at college bookstores nationally. But interest is expected to grow gradually; such sales could represent more than 10 percent of the market in five to seven years, according to Follett Higher Education Group. ( via University Business)

Generation LGBTQIA It may be a mouthful, but it’s catching on, especially on liberal-arts campuses. (The New York Times)

Why employers could hire you based on ‘cultural fit’ Northwestern University professor Lauren Rivera argued that cultural compatibility often outweighs skills traditionally valued by employers. The employers Rivera said she studied “explicitly fought for candidates with whom they felt an emotional spark of commonality,” and in doing so, did not always pick the most qualified person for the job. Job interviews, Rivera concluded, are becoming more akin to first dates. (USA Today)