Notes in the Margins: Bribes, quitting Europe and December graduations

DeVry University Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Officials Would ‘Bribe’ Students, Violate Federal Regulations A lawsuit argues the DeVry campus’ leadership would issue bonuses to admissions counselors who exceeded enrollment quotas, and that officials would “bribe” students — in one instance, providing gift cards — in exchange for positive performance reviews from students. (The Huffington Post)

Quitting Europe would be big, but not a crisis on the home front We found no signs that European education systems were converging and becoming more similar than in pre-EU days: not in mainstream schooling, not in apprenticeship and training, and certainly not at university level. (Times Higher EducatIon)

Does graduating in December or May make a difference in getting a job? When it comes to getting hired, the time of year you walk across the graduation stage may not make much of a difference. (USA Today)

UC Berkeley chancellor to head initiative for public universities After retiring in June, Robert J. Birgeneau will head up a national effort to study and help public universities in an era of reduced tax support, new technology and changing student demographics. (Los Angeles Times)

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut Applications are headed for a 30-year low, reflecting increased concern over soaring tuition, crushing student debt and diminishing prospects of lucrative employment upon graduation. (The New York Times)