Why I am opening up a Minnesota College Savings Plan

Her name is Aria, has just turned 8 weeks, and is one of the reasons On Campus was out of commission recently.

This is it, folks.

After all that writing about college finance, I’ve finally got some skin in the game.

Time to practice what we’ve all been preaching.

  • hftfiawh

    Aww… Congrats! And, those 529 plans are indeed a wonderful investment, even if you only end up paying MOOC entry fees with the money…

    • afriedrich

       Thanks! I can’t even imagine what kind of cyber-education world she’ll be entering.

  • Jrchris

    She’s adorable, Alex. Congrats to you three! Enjoy every moment (of saving for college). They change so quickly.

  • afriedrich

    I’m sure time will fly as fast as the money …..