Notes in the Margins: Paper rejection, tuition by major, and Chicago's loan-free aid

NYU Hospital Storm Damage Could Destroy Years Of Research The hospital was forced to evacuate Monday night after a power failure due to Hurricane Sandy, and a significant amount of research also could be washed away. (The Huffington Post)

Is Tuition by Major a Good Idea? A Florida state task force on education has just released a recommendation to adjust tuition, by major. (Freakonomics)

As College Costs Rise, Has Competition Arrived? Numerous Silicon Valley startups are aiming directly at what they consider another overpriced and inefficient brick and mortar business: higher education. (U.S. News & World Report)

Pre-publication history of articles tells us that rejection leads to higher citations Papers that are resubmitted to a second or third choice journal enjoy a ‘benefit of rejection’ and are more likely to receive a higher number of citations when published. (LSE / Impact of Social Sciences)

U. of Chicago targets city students The University of Chicago has pledged to eliminate loans from the financial aid packages it offers incoming students from Chicago, the centerpiece of a new initiative aimed at helping high school students across the city succeed in college. (Chicago Tribune via University Business)