During the flap between the state Office of Higher Education (OHE) and Coursera, the website offering Massive Open Online Courses, I had a quick talk with Coursera’s cofounder, Andrew Ng. You may remember that Coursera offers these free, noncredit Massive Open Online Courses — known as “MOOCs.” The company’s prestigious partner colleges and universities (such Read more

Texas Pushes $10,000 Degree Texas Gov. Rick Perry is renewing his call for $10,000 undergraduate degrees, in what he hopes will be the state’s signature response to the national problem of rising college tuition and student debt. (The Wall Street Journal) Science professors biased against females — study A new Yale University study shows that bias against Read more

This announcement from the University of St. Thomas: St. Thomas campaign raises one-half billion dollars, sets private higher education record in five-state region More than $142 million was raised for financial aid, the campaign’s highest priority. The completion of the most successful fund-raising campaign of any private institution of higher education in Minnesota and its Read more