Notes in the Margins: Skills, online interest and the new vo-tech

Interest in Online Courses Could Be Peaking A study shows that interest in online courses has remained flat in recent years. (U.S. News & World Report)

Employers seek skilled trade workers Companies have openings but are often too selective and are unwilling to pay competitive wages. (USA Today)

A Brooklyn High School Takes a New Approach to Vocational Education Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Brooklyn is a six-year program tailored to give students interested in the technology industry an advantage, including an associate degree. (The New York Times)

Courses, Disaggregation, and the Cost of Legal Education The core activity of an American law school is its J.D. program of education. The model has many flaws. A reason for the difficulty in improving productivity is that educational outcomes are delivered to students in chunks called “courses,” in which a faculty member acts as a craftsman, providing all the services in an interactive, face-to-face setting. (The Huffington Post)

Community Colleges Cannot Be Overlooked in America’s Quest for New Scientists There is clearly a need to demonstrate to community college students, especially women, that studying science disciplines is a viable academic or career path. (The New York Times)