Notes in the Margins: Science bias, tuition freezes and the cheap Texas degree

Texas Pushes $10,000 Degree Texas Gov. Rick Perry is renewing his call for $10,000 undergraduate degrees, in what he hopes will be the state’s signature response to the national problem of rising college tuition and student debt. (The Wall Street Journal)

Science professors biased against females — study A new Yale University study shows that bias against women persists in the sciences — in this case, at the university level, where science professors of both sexes were found to rate males as “significantly more competent and hireable” than equally qualified female applicants. (The Washington Post)

Colleges Cut, Freeze Tuition for Fall 2013 Some schools are already focusing on financial aid issues for next year. (U.S. News & World Report)

Borrowers of Private Student Loans Face Challenges, Report Finds Former college students have complained about getting the runaround from servicers of their private student loans and having few options to refinance or modify their repayments, according to a report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (The New York Times)

More CA community college students commuting to multiple campuses California students are choosing to commute — by bus, car and train — to different campuses because severe funding cuts have forced colleges to cut classes and consolidate programs. (Los Angeles Times)