Notes in the Margins: Copyrights, varied tuition and the underground school

College Tuition Should Vary By Degree, Florida State Task Force Says If you want to save money at Florida’s universities, you may soon have to choose biology over ballet or engineering over English. (The Huffington Post)

Fake IDs can be a real problem A Her Campus survey found that 54.5% of readers surveyed had or currently have a fake ID. False IDs are often produced through manufacturing websites, while a government-issued ID card might be passed down to a similar-looking, younger person after its original owner turns 21. (USA Today)

Online, discount sellers back Thai student in Supreme Court copyright case Supap Kirtsaeng was studying in the United States when he struck a nerve in the publishing world by tapping into the market for cheaper college textbooks. Kirtsaeng re-sold copyrighted books that relatives first bought abroad. (The Washington Post)

From Zero to Hero: Building world-class universities Achieving world-class status is a marathon, not a sprint, but notes Jamil Salmi, rapid progress can be made with the right regimen – particularly when starting from scratch. (Times Higher Education)

Undocumented Students Take Education Underground Georgia is one of three states to bar undocumented students from attending schools. But a group of professors at the University of Georgia has created an underground school to provide a place for students to learn. (National Public Radio via Boise State Public Radio)