Policy and a Pint: Generation Debt


Here’s a little something you might want to make time for: an hour-long live evening discussion about student debt — by 89.3 The Current and The Citizens League.

The July 23 event at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis is part of MPR’s Policy and a Pint series.

Above is the audio promo, and below is a short explainer.

It costs $10 — with appetizers — and you can register here.

Student loan debt in the United States exceeds one trillion dollars; that’s more than the total amount of credit card debt owed by all Americans. If you’re like many college grads today — still struggling to get ahead — you might be wondering: what exactly did all that money I borrowed really get me? Was going to college… actually worth it?

Student loans — specifically, their necessity in today’s crazy-expensive college world, and the burden they’ve created for the current generation — are the topic for our next Policy and a Pint, co-presented by 89.3 The Current and The Citizens League. Join host Steve Seel and special guests as they explore how things got so bad, and what we might do about it. “Generation Debt,” this time for Policy and a Pint, Monday, July 23rd at the Varsity Theater. Doors at 5:30, program begins at 6.