Notes in the Margins: Mormonism, strange majors and B-school diversity

Strange College Majors: Puppets, Video Games, Packaging And More The following list in the slideshow details those most unusual majors found at institutions around the country. (The Huffington Post)

Give colleges more credit Doomsayers are wrong. America’s higher-education model isn’t broken. (Los Angeles Times)

Business Schools Short on Diversity While many top programs boast that ethnic or racial minorities comprise a quarter or more of their student bodies, among traditionally underrepresented groups, including African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, enrollment remains low. (The Wall Street Journal)

Mormon Studies Attracts More Scholars and Attention For decades, Mormonism was largely ignored by scholars, but a growing cadre of academics find that studying the church can offer new views of religion and the modern world. (The New York Times)

Big rewards, less job security for college leaders A recent survey of more than 1,600 college and university presidents by the American Council on Education found that campus leaders keep their jobs an average of seven years. In 2006, when the previous poll was taken, the average presidential tenure was 8½ years. (Associated Press via NAICU)