Notes in the Margins: Khan flubs, Penn State and bad B-school writing

Is Khan Academy a real ‘education solution’? Last month, two associate professors from Grand Valley State University in Michigan critiqued a Khan Academy video in a satirical video that pointed out problems in the specific lesson and, more broadly, made fun of the entire Khan enterprise. And now, educator Dan Meyer and Ed Week opinion blogger Justin Reich, noting that there are errors in some of the Khan Academy videos, have started a contest inviting readers to critique the academy lessons. (The Washington Post)

B-Schools Seem to Downplay Writing Skills One b-school professor calls her students’ essay writing skills ‘horrendous’ and ‘painful.’ (U.S. News & World Report)

Penn State, Paterno hit for ‘callous disregard’ of victims The 267-page report specifically criticizes the late head football coach Joe Paterno for not taking action when alerted to allegations of misconduct by Sandusky at university facilities. (USA Today via NAICU)

Small rise in college completion for young adults The percentage of young adults earning a college degree has increased slightly but still remains far below the level needed to reach the president’s goal of having the U.S. rank first worldwide in college graduates. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Graduating in 3 years gains popularity Some students look to save time and money by graduating college early. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via University Business)