Notes in the Margins: DREAM, law schools and Khan Academy

Admissions 101: One dad’s promising college selection system Chris Katucki is a retired attorney who invented his own system for identifying hidden gem colleges. When his son Tommy was a high school junior, Katucki began experimenting with available undergraduate statistics and produced a clever formula for the kind of place we would want our children to attend. (The Washington Post)

States’ DREAM Acts Could Deter High School Dropouts Making college more affordable may encourage undocumented students to finish high school. (Los Angeles Times)

Unnecessary voter ID laws harm minorities, students Texas’ voter ID law also discourages student votes, as concealed handgun licenses are considered acceptable identification while university student IDs are not. (USA Today via NAICU)

How well does Khan Academy teach? Here is a new critique of the Khan Academy, the subject of a widely read post I published Monday about the hype and reality of the academy. And you can find a response to that post from the founder of the Khan Academy, Sal Khan. (The Washington Post)

Law Schools Taken to Task in New Book A sharp criticism of today’s legal education is creating a lot of buzz. (U.S. News & World Report)