How to maximize millennials in the workplace

Gen Y In the Workplace Via MBA@UNC
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  • MnProf

    The general demographics are worth noting.  For all the talk about how women are outpacing men in postsecondary enrollments, only 15% of women have “4+ years of college” compared to 20% of men.  On the other hand, 35% of women and 28% of men had “some college.”  So were the women taking 2-year programs?  Were they failing to graduate from 4-year colleges?  And how does that + (plus) break down for grad school statistics?  The report’s conclusions are also questionable.  Since the data indicate that employees from this generation want more frequent feedback on job performance, the suggested response from employers is to “Flatter them.”  Flattery is not the same thing as objective feedback.  Are the researchers simply obtuse or are they projecting assumptions about entitlement mentalities?