Notes in the Margins: Women, tenure and the Virginia fight

Why women leave academia and why universities should be worried A recent report reveals that only 12% of third year female PhD students want a career in academia. Curt Rice looks at the reasons why and warns that universities’ survival is at risk. (The Guardian)

Public campuses mimic private university experience Faculty members from San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco have found a way to mimic the private university experience at public campuses for little extra cost to the schools, and it appears to be working. (San Francisco Chronicle via University Business)

Should Tenure for Professors Be Ended? At some point, discussions about the quality of higher education in the U.S. come around to the subject of tenure. And the disagreement could hardly be more stark. (The Wall Street Journal)

Humanities have a place, even at Caltech Although science rules at Caltech, humanities and social sciences courses are ‘crucial’ to learning how to write and communicate, administrators say. (Los Angeles Times)

Public Universities See Familiar Fight at Virginia The tumult at the University of Virginia involving President Teresa Sullivan reflects a low-grade panic now spreading through much of public higher education. (The New York Times)