Bruininks among highest-paid public university chiefs

Former University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks is listed as the ninth-highest-paid president of a public university in a Huffington Post article based on data collected by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

(The Chronicle has Bruininks in eighth place. The Post, however, slipped in University of Washington President Michael Young — who reportedly earned $802,000 — into sixth place, moving Bruininks into ninth.

Bruininks’ total compensation: $747,955

Median compensation: $421,395

Read the Post piece here.

  • hftfiawh

    I think the number reported for Bruininks is perhaps slightly misleading, because it includes a one-time payout of set-aside dollars earned over the entire course of his presidency (eight years? ten years? forget exact number) so that the final year’s number is an aberration compared to all previous years. A more fair comparison would have been to include the annual accrual with the annual salary, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

  • Cjohnson

    Hey, it’s June, 2012.  This is a truly stale story.